“Whether the population or households or school enrollment is examined
it is obvious that Texas’ future will increasingly be rooted in the changes
that occur to its minority population.”
Steve Murdock
The Texas Senate Hispanic Caucus is committed to improving the quality of life economic competiveness. Steve Murdock for many years has been demonstrating that if Texas fails to do a better job educating more of its growing population to higher levels of attainment, we risk the economic future of Texas. The Senate Hispanic Caucus believes Texas deserves better. We have convened experts, advocates, and leaders throughout Texas. Examine the data for yourself and explore the ideas below from leading advocacy organizations on how Texas can do better for all our school children:
Projected Proportion of population by Race/Ethnicity in Texas 2000 / 2040*
* Using U.S. Census count for 2000 and Texas State Data Center 1.0 Population Project scenario for 2010 – 2040
Numerical Change in Population by Race/Ethnicity in Texas 1980 / 1990 and 1990 / 2000
Labor Force Diversity in 1990
Labor Force Diversity in 2030